Adaptable to change • The R.C. Smith system is based on a reconfigurable modular design that remains adaptable to change and thus doesn’t get outdated like traditional fixed casework. Modular casework supports a hospitals need for change to support expansion, departmental relocation, process improvement or regulatory changes.

Lower cost of ownership • R.C. Smith’s freestanding modular casework makes good financial sense because the useful life of our system is dramatically longer than traditional fixed casework. In addition, many architectural walls (which are expensive to build) will not need to be built because our freestanding system will not need walls for support and we can actually create modular walls with our casework in place of fixed architectural walls.

Modularity supports Lean initiatives • For a facility to implement Lean initiatives it needs a modular casework system that supports ongoing process improvement. Our systems ability to reconfigure, relocate, adjust and remain easily adaptable over time makes it ideal for use in Lean settings.



Environmentally Friendly Reusing • is the best form of sustainability and our modular casework is highly reusable and can be reconfigured many times over as needs change, keeping product replacement and landfill waste to a minimum. With fixed casework, reconfiguration of a work area means that the casework must be replaced and the original product is discarded and becomes landfill waste.

Engineered with a “Form Meets Function” philosophy • Our system has been developed and has evolved over the years with a “Form-Meets-Function” design philosophy after soliciting input from and carefully listening to literally thousands of healthcare professionals and design experts. We have developed creative and specific solutions to help each work area function more effectively.

Tax savings through accelerated depreciation • R.C. Smith’s modular freestanding system can be depreciated as furniture, allowing you the option to realize significant tax advantages by depreciating the product over 7 years instead of 39. Ask your tax accountant for more details.


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