Sustainability starts with design…
Utilizing recycled and recyclable materials is only the beginning when it comes to building sustainable products.

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN creates inherently adaptable products that can be reconfigured, relocated and re-used before needing to be recycled.

MODULAR DESIGN provides flexibility to incrementally add, delete and convert individual components within the system.

FREESTANDING DESIGN means that the modular casework can be relocated to a new area when workflow changes.



and continues through production!
RECYCLED MATERIALS used in the production of R.C. Smith casework include:

  • steel components manufactured from steel with a high recycled content which can be recycled again
  • scrap steel generated as off-fall during the manufacturing process is collected and recycled again
  • wood substrate that is generated from sustainable pre-consumer recycled wood fiber

Additional environmental benefits include:

  • utilization of wood substrate that is low in VOC and formaldehyde off gassing and meets the CARB low emission standards for all gassing
  • the re-use of scrap wood and sawdust generated during the manufacturing process to generate heat




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